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Danke Cacau

 Danke's Christmas chocolate  Linha Natal

Ilustra Marina Reis - lata Danke natal.p

I was commissioned by Danke Cacau, Allma Hub and Nata Design to create the Danke's Christmas packaging art .

Allma Hub  brought this concept so so beautiful: Christmas, nativity, birth, native, nature, all these words come from the same root. And at this time of year, it's time to strengthen our connection with each of them. We are part of this abundant living system that is the Earth and we must celebrate this! We wish you all a conscious and delicious life. This is our motto: respect nature and put the tastiest chocolate in the world that we know is possible. Conscience and indulgence. Chocolates that bring joy and pleasure wherever they go.


And it was with this thought that I brought our Brazilian fauna and flora in the drawings, our natives, protectors of our land and our people. Here in this art there is a lion tamarin, jambu flower, Vitória regia, ipê flower and nature that provides us with everything, including this delicious cocoa from Pará, raw material by DANKE, to celebrate our Christmas! Happiness Yes!!!!!

Ilustra Marina Reis -BARRA Natal Danke.p

Illustration: Marina Reis  
Brand: Danke Cacau
Creative team/ Art Director : Allma Hub
Visual Identity: Renata Alcantara -Nata Design
Photography: Nani Rodrigues- Marco Londer -

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