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Danke Cacau

Easter chocolates
Linha Páscoa

Arte Marina Reis- Danke Páscoa 1.png
Arte Marina Reis- Danke Páscoa 2.png
Arte Marina Reis- Danke Páscoa 3.png

I was commissioned by Danke Cacau, Allma Hub and Nata Design to create the art for Easter packaging. We brought to these illustrations the spirit of the time, but with Farmer Bunnies, honoring  those who take care of the land, planting and fruit to arrive at this chocolate wonder that is Danke Cacau.


Ilustration: Marina Reis  
Brand: Danke Cacau
Creation team/ art director : Allma Hub
Visual Identity: Renata Alcantara -Nata Design
Photography : Nani Rodrigues- Marco Londer -

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